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Attracted to gauge ideas and styles, today to introduce the history of Puma, learn it together. PUMA history: 1, Puma, world-famous sporting goods brand, was founded in 1948 in Germany hesuojinlaole (Herzogenaurach), Puma, PUMA is English, meaning a Puma, Germany a production of shoes and sportswear based adidas zx flux in large MNCs. 2, founder: Rudolf Dassler (Rudolf Dassler). Daofu·dasile in 1924 and joined his brother lost steam when its (nickname ADI Adi) Dassler company based in heruolahe, and soon the company was renamed as Adi Dassler brothers. 3, mid 1930, Adi Dassler brothers grew into
With hundreds of employees, more than 30 kinds of styles of the world's leading brand of sneakers. After World War II, Darth blinded by many businesses today, adidas basketball shoe expert to tell them how to tell sport shoes tips, hope to prepare you in the next shoe, adidas basketball shoes with tips from the experts. Identifying authentic snea adidas aps og uk kers: first, the sneaker upper materials: 1, usually made with artificial skin on the adidas basketball shoes, running shoes are typically used on Microfiber PU, though are not leather, but they contained higher than leather fiber density, toughness and breathability are better than leather, easy deformation; 2, so good leather material than leather
Better price is more expensive, General simulation won't use the finest artificial leather shoes or a child, a total of four series, each with a unique design, very comfortable to wear. Where to buy Nike shoes, authentic place to buy it, that is, of course, go to the store to buy. But what if when the stores to buy a pair of football shoes that do not get what you wanted, it's what to do, she simply discouraged it, of course not, that where bought Nike Soccer shoes can be bought as you're going to buy online, here, you can not only see the not
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Sneaker women experts recommends that the 30-year-olds must study carefully with this age should be aware of things, make your life more exciting, look at Michael Jordan's basketball shoes are the experts ' advice. First, should pay attention to several points in the life: 1, breathe calmly when not in emotion, we can't help but hold your breath, or shortness of breath, this will only increase the stress. 2, correcting posture: stress-induced muscle tension, cause we're spandrel hunchback. Straight, as if from a shoulder shrug off a stack of weights. 3, norm behavior: even in an almost hopeless situation also to keep in mind that you can change the situation, to develop for the better. Second, don't rush to get up: 1,
After waking up in the morning and lay on her back, stretching the body. 2, fours, Arch back and spine there is also "wakes up" time, which could avoid lower back pain, maintain good posture, start in a happy mood every day. Third, the elevators: 6 minutes up and down stairs a day, can prolong life for 3 years. Four, chest forward, take a walk at home or walking in the Park, stand tall and walk a mile, and is very effective for keeping body, if usually walk, you'll burn more calories 1 time times. Five, washing hands: in the warm season, in order to avoid erosion by micro-organisms, wash hands, especially before a meal. Six, to eat less fatty food: recipe select lean meats, fish, take off
Milk and fruit and vegetables. Dining begins, eat cold dishes and vegetable dishes. Seven, replaced by lightweight mixing uppers adidas energy boost 2 uk every day. The uppers are usually made from sturdy, durable leather and breathable, flexible and made of synthetic mesh combined with. 5, the high-tech artificial mesh shoes better than the durability of leather, but also for its ultra light material in the world of strong and persistent generally welcomed by the people. Like the friends converse basketball shoes, sports field adidas basket profi up uk /2010-08-18 sports magnetic field also has a lot of influence in the world, with advances in social media, puma shoes gained more and more fans, people who like it, will be its unique setting
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have friends who want to buy Nike, adidas basketball shoe

The frizzled feather are used in vintage shoes leather, so very well take care of it. 2, yet the basketball shoes for use on hair, artificial skin, so relatively easy to clean up, which can be dipped in water with a towel. Six, lacquer: 1, most of the leather is soft, before 06 paint malleable generally unfavourable and, prone to cracking, but now not the synthetic patent leather, or at least a smaller chance of cracking. 2, good care, it is best to wipe with a towel dampened with a little bit of water, do not, do not let water get in the seams of leather and other materials. As far as possibadidas springblade razor ukle

Avoid prolonged sun exposure of paint. Qi, PU material: 1 on international brands, this kind of material in NIKE,ADIDAS, barely visible, only Marbury that brand and our domestic brands with such poor material, this material is more rigid, malleable poor, wear long also do not bunch; 2, but support is not good, and easily make sneakers making tatami, fake shoes are also used this material. Buy large size shoes for the use of such materials is not recommended! Different brands of basketball shoes fabrics used vary suitable Nike Basketball Shoes are the best shoes. If you have friends who want to buy Nike, adidas basketball shoes, sports field can come to Beijing and see Oh, will make you satisfied. Converse sneakers in the world is more and more sought after, and Converse sneakers influenadidas js wings 2.0 uk also in its mix of design styles and clothing-oriented, today consisting of fabrics for everyone to talk about Converse sneakers, and learn it together. Converse sneakers fabric knowledge: 1, a thick cotton or linen fabric, originally used to sail its name. General use of the plain weave, there are a few varieties of twill weave, weft yarns are made of stranded wire. Canvas also known as canopy cover, 58th (1

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